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Pump Derma Hair Growth Roller Pack

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Do you have noticeably thinning hair? Manage it naturally with our Derma roller Kit, including the Pump Hair Growth Derma Roller, Pump Growth Shampoo and  Conditioner with BioGro™️ Serum. 

The Derma Hair Growth Roller is a clinically tested, TGA approved medical device that reverses thinning, restores your hair’s natural growth cycle and promotes fuller, denser hair growth.

This handheld device has 540 small surgical needles 1.5mm in length. The needles are attached to a wheel and (when rolled over the scalp) cause microscopic wounds that activate the skin's natural healing response (hemostasis-inflammation-proliferation-tissue remodeling).

This pack is best for slow growing hair at the roots and normal to fine ends. 

Pump Derma Hair Growth Roller 

Pump Noticeably Thinning Hair BioGro™️ Serum

Pump Growth Shampoo

Pump Growth Conditioner 

Shampoo and Condition with your normal frequency that makes your hair feel and look nice based on its unique characteristics. It's not a case of 'more is better' for benefits.

Use the Hair Growth Derma Roller and BioGro™️ Serum together once per week. First apply the Serum to a clean scalp, preferably with damp hair to avoid getting hair caught in the wheel of the Roller Part the hair in sections and begin rolling in vertical, diagonal and horizontal motions covering each area evenly. This should take about 5 minutes. The area may have some redness following the treatment.


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